Suzi and I have been working together at London escorts for some time now, and although she is one of my best friends at London escorts of, I must admit that I am a little bit jealous of her at the same time. She is so sexy and perfect at the same time. Not only does Suzi have the perfect figure, but she also has the perfect personality. A lot of gents at London escorts like to date her because she is such a nice girl, and is fun to be with.

Out of all the girls at our London escorts service, she is the popular girl at the agency. Gents are happy to wait for a couple of weeks to enjoy a date with her. Most of the gents who date her, are all regulars and I guess that makes a big difference. Once they are about to leave one date, they often arrange the next date with her. All in all, I think that she is one of the most successful girls at any London escorts service, and as far as I know, any escort agency in London, would be happy to have her.

Suzi does spend a lot of her money on personal grooming, and I think that helps her a lot as well. When she is not at London escorts, she seems to be forever hanging out at her beautician, or at the gym. She pays for a personal trainer, and of course, this is part of her secret at London escorts. If you want to look good, you have to be prepared to invest in yourself. I think that Suzi is perhaps what I would call a career escort, and will always do well.

Do you need to be special to be a career escort? I think that you need to have a certain attitude if you want to make the most of working for a London escorts service, and Suzi is one of those girls who likes to dedicate herself to everything that she does. She focuses like mad when she works for London escorts, and I am pretty sure that is why she has become so popular as an escort in London. When you look at our agency, she is one of the few girls who date gents from all parts of the world.

Would I like to be like Suzi? I would love to be like Suzi, but the problem I have is that I am not dedicated enough. I joined London escorts to have some fun, and that is my general attitude to everything in life. Does that mean I am not doing too well? I am actually doing well, but if I did not have some fun at the same time, I am not sure that London escorts would be for me. Suzi tends to date the very rich guys who use our charlotte London escorts website, and I kind of date the guys who just like to enjoy the company of escorts in London and don’t see us as permanent companions.

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