Keeping It Hard for Longer

Unless you are some sexual guru, you are not very likely to keep it hard after you have cum. For the average man, this is more or less impossible. Most porn stars would even find it tough to keep up after they have come. This is why so many porn movies end with cum scenes. But, if you would like to increase your sexual prowess there are, according to the girls at outcall London escorts, plenty of things which you can try. It seems this is something London escorts often discuss with their dates.

What really matters when it comes to maintaining an erection? Well, there are a few things which are more important than others when it comes to keeping hard and enjoying adult fun for longer. According to the girls at London escorts, some men make it very complicated and start to take sexual enhancement drugs when they really don’t need to do so. Watching what you drink really matters if you are planning a fun night out with a girlfriend or hot girls from London escorts. You don’t want to find yourself suffering from “flopsy” because you have overindulged in too much over a good thing.

Does diet matter? Diet matters hugely when it comes to sexual health. Too much fat in your food can have a variety of negative health effects on your overall health so it is worth bearing that in mind. Recently, the girls at London escorts claim that men are becoming more aware of what is good for them and what is not good for when it comes to food. There is no need to try to be macho and eat steak just because you are dating a girl from London escorts. A nice piece of salmon may even make it easier for you to keep it up.

Stress is a real erection killer. Men who have a problem with stress often suffer erection problems. Quite often these problems go undiagnosed for a long time. Sadly a lot of doctors do not associate stress with erections issues, but stress does play a major role. Stress is one of those things the girls at London escorts often pick up on when they go out on dates with their clients. Once you have had some experience working for a London escorts agency, you can quickly tell when a gent suffers from stress.

What is the final outcome? The final outcome is pretty simple to be fair. You really need to look after your health if you would like to enjoy a healthy sex life. It is easy to do when you know how. If you are not sure what to do, it would be a good idea to ask your sexy friend at London escorts. The girls at most escort agencies in London do really have some great ideas and they will not make it complicated. Is there a need to resort to drugs? No, there is not really a need to resort to drugs at a